Services for schools in Frosinone


Another important service provided by the Coeso Consortium concerns the services for schools in Frosinone, which focuses in particular on school transport and the canteen. As regards the school bus, the Consortium operates a school bus service through public procurements when municipalities launch a call for tenders.

Both services are managed by qualified and competent personnel, in addition to the experience accumulated over the years, has attended and constantly attends updating and training courses that allow to offer customers a quality service.

According to the Legislative Decree of 31 March 1998, 122 the provinces need to deal with the school transport for the secondary schools and municipalities that for lower grade schools. The right to education, in fact, also includes the public transport with which children can reach safely the school building. In the compulsory school, in particular, the transport is essential, because does not exist the obligation of parents to equip themselves with cars, may occur unfavorable weather conditions; the public transportation also has a positive effect on the pollution and the traffic management. The school bus is provides that the driver is equipped with a Professional Qualification Certificate and that the vehicle is equipped with a low ramp, large windows, ergonomic seats and equipped with seat belts, with a access that conforms to safety standards where no one can travel by foot.

The canteen services are managed from the 21:04 Cooperative, which is in charge of the catering: depending on the agreements with educational institutions are provided differentiated services, but what remains unchanged is the quality of services offered to the schools of Frosinone and a certification of raw materials used, that are carefully selected favoring organic and zero kilometer foods and excluding GM foods or containing allergens such gluten, eggs, milk