Management of restaurants in frosinone


For the restaurants management in Frosinone, Coeso Consortium has launched the cooperative 21.04 that deals with services such as the management of bars, company canteens, self-service restaurants in shopping centers, services such as catering, receptions and events.

Through the Cooperative 21:04, the Coeso Consortium guarantees a good food service, with the use of selected and certified raw materials, available for both schools and for companies, hospitals, clinics, public and private residences for the elderly. The center is always the focus of the attention: the personalized service and listening to the views and needs of customers are the main characteristics that guide the work of the staff. The Cooperative 21.04 runs a restaurant in Paliano (in the province of Frosinone), an Inn that offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, while La Piramide is currently managing a restaurant in Piglio (in the province of Frosinone). In the management of restaurants in Frosinone are made available several catering services that provide the use of the latest technology, advanced cooking methods and specific instruments.

Several solutions offered to customers: from the preparation in the kitchen of the customer, with a direct management of the service, to the preparation in centralized kitchens, with the delivery of fresh hot meals, up to the management of inter-company restaurants.
Furthermore the Coeso Consortium offers its customers design activities concerning the planning of kitchens, rehabilitation of existing structures, consultancy for the design of the restaurant service, including suppliers selection, personnel training and work organization consulting, consulting for the direction of the kitchens or the warehouse and management of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services.

All raw materials used in kitchens managed by Coeso Consortium are certified in accordance with UNI 10854: 1999, UNI EN ISO 9001_2008, UNI EN ISO 22000: 2005 and ISO 22005:2008 which provide the periodic review by the entity responsible for the control. The selection and the control of raw materials and suppliers are important for the quality and food safety.

The Consortium uses ingredients from organic farming, integrated control, typical products with indications Dop, Igp, Stg and Doc, and gluten free diet therapy foods, eggs, milk and sugar. Are not used GM products.