Renewable energies in Frosinone


Thanks to the work of the Res Nova Cooperative, the Coeso Consortium is also responsible for the management and the treatment of renewable energies in Frosinone. The use of this type of energy allows to have available a greater quantity of clean energy, which is not derived from polluted sources; in this way it helps to limit the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere and to maintain a clean planet for future generations.
Furthermore to take advantage of the clean energy also means saving and therefore an economic benefit for those who produce and use it. The Coeso Consortium offers a complete service, from the planning to the realization, for the energy biomass plants such as the district heating, the cogeneration, the biogas plants, the anaerobic digestion FORSU, the gasification and the waste-to-energy plants for the sludge.

In addition, the competent and professional staff of the cooperative is also available to customers to provide awareness campaigns, or services as consulting, management of green certificates and white certificates, the development of projects for renewable energy in Frosinone, economic calculations, financing, project management, management of systems and more. Among the turnkey concession modalities for the energy efficiency: leasing, operating lease or loan of up to five years.

The customer should not make any initial deposit and will have the ability to achieve savings on bills, since the first month following the intervention of efficiency; in addition there is the possibility of including in the financing the reconstruction and the development of existing electrical and thermal systems.

Another commitment of the Cooperative is the one concerning the protection of the environment: in this area are offered cleaning services for woods, for the damaged trees damaged or diseased, including the replacement of the same as much as possible to keep alive and lush the forest.

The solutions of renewable energies in Frosinone include the installation of photovoltaic systems and finally are available financing and leasing longer than five years.