Digital archiving Frosinone


The specialized personnel of the Coeso Consortium is an expert in the planning, the development and the management of solutions for digital archiving in Frosinone and for archiving documents, integration with ERP management systems, Work Flow, biometric Signature, substitutive storage and the FatturaPa the project. Among the services offered by the Consortium are:

  • Electronic Document Storage
  • Informative Protocol in accordance with the law
  • Business process management with the use of the Work Flow System
  • Management of electronic signature
  • PEC management
  • Outsourcing digitization
  • Management of the Archives and the warehouse with the paper material storage
  • Document outsourcing services
  • Legal and tax consultancy related to the document management

For companies Coeso Consortium performs the important function of FatturaPa, a particular electronic invoice, which is the only accepted by Administrations that are required to use the interchange system. The FatturaPa has a content of XML files; its authenticity and its origin are guaranteed by an electronic signature qualified by the emissary of the invoice and its transmission is bound to the presence of the univocal identifier code of the recipient office of the invoice.

In addition to the digital archiving in Frosinone are several services offered by the Consortium that are also involved in the assistance to disabled and aged people, the initial reception for immigrants and political refugees, the management of educational services, such as the canteen and the transport and the management of restaurants; furthermore are also carried out cleaning works for public and privates customers, and logistics for the international and national shipping. The division into several cooperatives - Res Nova for Renewable Energy, Pyramid for Logistics and Shipping, 21.4 for Social Services and Management Restaurants, Madi Service for public and private cleaning, Exodus for Social Services and First Reception - allows to be always close to territory and present next to the customer. The philosophy of the group is based on the relationship with customers, to achieve a loyalty that allows to work in the best and optimal conditions for the satisfaction of both.