Coeso Consortium in Frosinone


The Coeso Consortium of Frosinone is a reality that has been operating for years in the territory of Frosinone and neighboring areas, offering different services, intended both to a private and to a public clientele. The Consortium was founded in 2005, gathering three cooperatives working in three areas, dealing with different social services. In 2015 the company takes over a company that had managed a logistics and shipping warehouse: since then the Coeso Consortium includes five cooperatives, each of which deals with a specific areas providing a wide range of services. The staff, specialized and competent, has been working for years in the social sector and is able to perform assistance and consultancy services with professionalism, ensuring the customer the utmost seriousness, the care of people and the development of the activity. To give precise answers, always at customers service and creating with them a relationship of trust, Coeso Consortium of Frosinone has created a business model of small size companies that have put at the center of their action a new culture of citizenship and welfare, able to also respond to changes dictated by time.

The division into several cooperatives - Res Nova for Renewable Energy, Pyramid for Logistics and Shipping, 21.4 for Social Services and Management Restaurants, Madi Service for public and private cleaning, Exodus for Social Services and First Receptions - allows to be always close to the territory and present next to customers. The philosophy of the group is based on the relationship with customers, to achieve a loyalty that allows to work in the best and optimal conditions for the satisfaction of both.

In addition, the Coeso Consortium of Frosinone wants to support the development of cooperatives in the area, to promote solidarity, the cooperation and the respect for the person, to support the communication processes able to promote moral and social values of cooperation, to encourage the reflection on the needs and social and ethical policies of development on the territory in accordance with other local consortiums. The cooperatives members of the Consortium believe in the person as the center of their work, in social equity against any discrimination for the resources and services, in the solidarity, in the democracy as indispensable basis for the comparison and the construction of a healthy society, in the cooperative values and in the company as a project of social solidarity. Various services offered by the Consortium dealing with aged care and disabled assistance, the initial reception of immigrants and political refugees, the management of educational services, such as the canteen and transportation, and restaurant management; in addition are also performed public and private cleaning and logistics for the national and international shipping.


The Coeso Consortium is available to customers for free quotes and information about services. The center is located in Via Piagge, 128 / A in Piglio, but you can contact it by phone at 393.8550771 or at the following mobile numbers: 333.4511012 and 393.9354024. Also available the e-mail
The Consortium staff is available to give explanations on the services performed and the modalities of operation of the various cooperatives. The continuous professional training and experience in the field of social services, enables the staff to be always competent and well disposed to customers, always providing the right solution to the demands and problems encountered by customers.